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LNB OUT Connects another dital satellite receiver. RS-232C Connects to the PC to the general aerial antenna or cable.

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HEPG Switches between Humax EPG and Standard EPG.(Not available in IR-ACE II UBI) ** ** 12.

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Humax doesn't list a user manual for the 1020, but you can download the manual for the 1010 model here, which should be the same or similar: Manual - Page 2 ... Keep this user's manual carefully to be copied, used or translated... Business users: Contact your supplier and check ... ** Domestic users: Please contact either the retailer where you ... No user serviceable parts inside the product that indicate ..., Cautions and Notes Throughout the whole manual, pay special attention to the following marks ... Installation ...7.1 System Setting ...7.2 Organising Channels ...7.3 Channel Search ...7.4 Status ...7.5 Default Setting... Installation Wizard...3.1 Language ...3.2 Humax Auto Search ...3.3 Time Setting...3.4 Result ...

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