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It is a rebadged Brgs generator and appears very similar to any of the Brgs & Stratton portable generators in the 5000-5550 watt range. check clearance between rotor and stator on the bottom should be able to slide a dollar bill inbetween rotor and stator. I found a parts diagram, a resistance table, and a troubleshooting guide on the internet .

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Troy-Bilt 5000 watt generator Model # 30343 S/N 1015465560 Thanks. Capacitor is $59.00 with shipping from almost any parts house. I checked the resistance of a few of the components, and by the resistance table, the rotor and stator check out OK.

Troy-Bilt 5,550-Watt Portable <b>Generator</b> Product Reviews - eHam

Troy-Bilt 5,550-Watt Portable Generator Product Reviews - eHam

I have a Troy-Built 5000 watt portable Generator that is no longer producing any AC power. While it was running and powering a couple of refrerators, I heard a change in the sound of the engine which sounded like it does when it goes to no load.I did not notice any smoke or burned smell coming from the generator.

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Upon investation, I'm only getting 0.5 V (instead what used to be about 115 V) across the generator's output terminals when the engine is running.

Troybilt generator owners manual:

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