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Hi guys, Im new to this discussion but not the field. POE oil is known to be like a solvent that is good at cleaning sludge and varnish from the insides of old systems that used to run on a different type of oil.

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(I posted an introduction in the New Member area) I have a beautiful old 18 ft chest made by sears coldspot. It draw 4.4 amps continuously, doesnt shut off but stays cold. I havent worked in the domestic field much and haven't been able to find the info to properly size and choose and new compressor. I need to choose a new efficient compressor to install. If you can not change out the cap tube, you may have just junked your freezer. Looking for less power usage is NOT a reason to change out a compressor, especilly when trying to restore an old relic. As far as junking the freezer, that may well happen.

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I did swap in a new one from a b side by side home fridge- freezer, since I had it laying around. Eventually it gets cold, but needs to run almost continuously. The old compressor was R12 of course and I got most of the old oil out, but with a cap tube, I could not really flush the evaporator. Can I get some help on wattage, capacity etc for choosing a new compressor? Thanks in advance for any help-- this is just a fun project for me. In a case like this, If you did need a new compressor, I would have recommended one that used the same oil as the orional, and then switching out the refrerant with a R12 replacement that does not require an oil change (i.e...something other than R134a). Would you install a Honda 4 cylinder engine in a '57 Chevy and then complain about how you have to keep the gas pedal pushed down all day long just to go 45 MPH? My -o-watt meter indicated the old compressor pulling 4.4 amps and running continuously. At this point, I am ahead of the game, with the new compressor pulling 1.5 amps and running almost continuously. Not sure on that since the new sxs compressor was desned for 134a. You have probably plugged up the cap tube since running the new compressor with the new oil in it.


I did install a new condenser, from an r134 machine. I did the math, and decided I could not afford to keep it that way. It is pretty slow to recover when opened or food added, so Im not really satisfied.

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