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Secondly, I was only briefly able to test this fridge before I bought it.

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The person who sold it to me kept it in their shed for the past year. 2005-present Look-Up & Order Parts Thanks for the link to the restoration companies. I let the fridge sit unplugged for over 24 hours and then plugged it in this morning.

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I ran an extension chord out to the fridge and heard the compressor kick in. It has been running for about 5 hours and isn't getting cold.During transport to the pickup truck, we had to carry the fridge on its side but secured it vertically in the back of the truck. Any advice on steps I should take to trouble shoot this problem?

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During the brief time (10 minutes) I had it plugged-in, it felt like the cooling panels were getting colder (granted I was in a shed in the middle of winter in Colorado so take that with a grain of salt) which I took to be a good sign. From what I've read online, everyone's initial guess is that the compressor is out of Freon but this often isn't the case.

Vintage coldspot chest freezer manual:

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