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Brand: DIS Type: PRS L/U Description: Pinless Registration System w/ loading & unloading station, Precise optical lay-up, alnment and welding of multilayersmax. The PRS will aln innerlayers to within /- 0.7 mils (17 micron) prior to lamination. Year 2016 Article Number: 25778 Brand: Hakuto Type: 610 i Description: Automatic laminator for innerlayers with thin panel option, min/max panel thickness 0.11 mm- 4 mm, max lamination width 610 mm, max panel width 625 mm, min panel size 300 x 300 mm, min max lamination speed 1.0 up to 4.0 m/min. The instrument calculates the concentration of additives and their components in a copper or other electroplating bath, displaying live voltammograms (fingerprints) of contaminant buildup.

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Article Number: 25307 Brand: International Supplies Type: Pumiflex Description: Pumiflex, aluminium oxide, min/max panel thickness 0,1 * / 3.2mm, max panel width 24", flex transport, 3 pair of brush, 3x rinse,1x HP rinse water blast, 1x dryer compressed air blowers , 1x dryer low pressure blowers , alu recovery system and filtrex 2000, overall dimensions LXWXH 5500 x 1500 -excl. Article Number: 25268 The Qualilab QL-5 analyzer accurately monitors organics, inorganics, and contaminants in the electroplating process.

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(* min panel thickness depends on material to be treated).Article Number: 24718 Brand: Struers Type: Rotopol 11 Description: Struers Rotopol-11 type 05196133 Metallurgical Polisher, Automated single plate metallurgical polishing machine for sample preparation of metallographic samples.

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An automated, user-friendly feature is included in the instrument to facilitate hassle-free navation through the analysis process. Brand: Morton Type: 1600 D Description: Cutsheet laminator suitable for inner layers, thin panel option included, min/ max board thickness 0.1/5mm, max panel width 762mm, panel centring unit, and the optional booster cilinder is installed to enable extra heating roll pressure of 80 Kg, year 1998.

Fisher 1260x metal detector manual:

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