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Little Leaps Grow-with-Me Learning System, which uses the family's DVD player and television set, provides a kid-friendly DVD controller and special DVD content to create a learning environment in which parents and their babies interact.

Parent Guide & Instructions - LeapFrog

The system is designed to be used by both babies (ages 9 to 24 months) and toddlers (ages 24 to 36 months).

Parent Guide & Instructions - LeapFrog

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To accommodate these two developmental stages, Leapfrog has made the accompanying controller reversible.To set up the system to work with your DVD player, you need to load the accompanying Learning Steps DVD and follow the directions on the TV screen about how to sync the Little Leaps kid-friendly controller.

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Parents snap out the controller from its base and snap in the side with three large colored buttons for babies or choose the side that has an outsized joystick surrounded by two buttons for toddlers.

Little leaps parents manual:

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