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C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4, 2nd Edition Jasmin. - TFE Times

An investigation on the properties of termite hill as refractory material for furnace lining: Indian Foundry Journal.

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(1999) Investigation on local refractory materials for high temperature applications, Ph D Thesis mech.

Peer Reviewed Journal -

Peer Reviewed Journal -

IEE (1992) Wiring regulation requirement for electrical installation BS7671 , 15th Edition , A Mclay and co. Meng thesis , Department of mechanical Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. Journal of the clay mineral society Volume 51 number 1 8. U.(2004) An investigation into the use of local clays as a high temperature insulator for electric cookers. Proceedings of the international ceramic conference Australia. Olusola E O (1998) Investigation of Zungeru clay as refractory material for high temperature applications M.

Digi ConnectCore User's Guide for Command Line. - Digi International

O.(2002) Development and performance evaluation of a biomass clay lined cookstove. Mahmoud S., Ayman H and Mousa A (2003) Pretreatment effects on the catalytic activity of Jordanian bentonite .

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