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The "-b" option runs Vim in the background (this is the default). *gui-fork* When the GUI is started, it does a fork() and exits the current process.

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You may also start up the GUI from within the terminal version by using one of these commands: :gui [ opt] [ cmd] [-f|-b] [files...] *:gu* *:gui* :gvim [ opt] [ cmd] [-f|-b] [files...] *:gv* *:gvim* The "-f" option runs Vim in the foreground.

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Last change: 2003 Apr 25 VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Bram Moolenaar Vim's Graphical User Interface *gui-x11* *GUI-X11* *Athena* *Motif* 1. No attempt is made to guess what fonts should be used for these based on the normal text font at the moment. When using "gvim -f" and then ":gui", Vim will run in the foreground. To force running Vim in the background use ":gui -b". If you want the GUI to run in the foreground always, include the 'f' flag in 'guioptions'. They are as follows: reverse Video Boolean: should reverse video be used? scroll Foreground Color of slider and arrow portions of scrollbars. tooltip Background Color of tooltip and balloon background. When compiled with the | xfontset| feature this is a fontset name. menu Heht Heht of the menu bar (only for Athena).

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geometry Initial geometry to use for gvim's window (default is same size as terminal that started it). A special font for italic, bold, and italic-bold text will only be used if the user has specified one via a resource.

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