Fluke 52 thermometer user manual

Fluke 52-2 60HZ Dual-Input Digital Thermometer - at the Test.

Most of reverse engineering actually was done first hour after I received meter, but later … Soldering stuff and wrecking hardware is often most favorite thing engineers do. Let’s take a look inside Fluke 51 II ( don’t care loosing warranty can bring full features back rather easily.

Fluke 50 Series II Contact Thermometers 51 II 52 II 53 II 54.

Only the enclosure of meter is different (51 II have missing two extra holes in plastic for second thermocouple and lacks of three buttons (two for logging features and one T1-T2 switch).

<i>Fluke</i> 52-2 Dual Input <i>Thermometer</i> -

Fluke 52 Series 1 Manual -

Buttons tops in rubber membrane are cut, but still can function if mill proper opening in plastic chassis and use spacers, which close contacts on film keyboard on push.8-leg chip near them is TI 3702C – comparator, looks like used for detection of open sensor input.

Fluke 52 Series user manual - - Solve your.

Things could go bad if Fluke flashed unique firmware, limiting features in cheaper meters, because there is no way to get secured firmware from modern meter’s 115d B, used as thermocouple voltage amplifier. I’m using similar 4051 in my Neutron power supply tester and other projects, so familiar with them.

Fluke 52 thermometer user manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates