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In a canyon in the Rocky Mountain Front above Fort Collins, Colorado, a young man named Jordan Temkin is flying his drone. The canyon rises to maybe three hundred feet above.

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He wears goggles that show him a video feed from a camera built into the drone, and he holds a console with twin joysticks that control the direction, angle, pitch, yaw, and speed of the flight. He gives a command and the drone leaps to the top of the canyon in an instant.

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Video Gear Review Helinox Chair Two Rocker / Nextadventure Next.

Then it is soaring over the highest places, looking down on Temkin, a small figure sitting on the tailgate of his car.Then Temkin swoops it down to the surface of the river, where it zips a few feet above the water.

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At eighty miles an hour, the shadow of the drone flashes across the face of the rocks.

Manance manual for a freestyle predator heli:

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