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Camara Sony Cyber Shot 72 Megapixel - Cámaras Digitales 7.

Press the shutter Press the shutter Then press the Basic techniques for better images Adjusting the light intensity Exposure You can create various images by adjusting the exposure and the ISO sensitivity.

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Exposure is the amount of light that the camera will receive when you release the shutter.

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Shutter speed = Length of time the camera receives light Exposure: Aperture = Size of the opening allowing light to pass through ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index) = Recording sensitivity Overexposure The exposure is automatically set to th Basic techniques for better images On the effects of lighting Color The apparent color of the subject is affected by the lighting conditions.However, you can adjust color tones manually with [White Bal] (page 34).

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Example: The color of an image affected by light sources Weather/lighting Daylight Cloudy Fluorescent Incandescent Characteristics of White (standard) Bluish Blue-tinged Reddish light The color tones are adjusted automatically in the auto adjustment mode.

Manual camara sony cyber shot dsc-s650:

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