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It is simply of replica of the help menu found from the application In my 10 years as a Certified Autodesk Instructor, I have found that there are two approaches to writing a tutorial manual. Then there's the "Russian novel" approach, where the theory is that if you read a three inch thick book about how to play a Mozart piano concerto, that you will be able to sit down at a piano and play a Mozart piano concerto.

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First, there's the "just shut up and do it" approach, where you follow instructions, but a lack of reference information to explain what you just did causes you to wonder "O. To master piano, the golf swing, or a complex software program, you have to use it, not read about it."Autodesk Inventor From The Top" strikes an excellent blend of reference information with hands-on practice to provide the reader with a thorough grasp of this powerful desn tool.

<em>Autodesk</em> <em>Inventor</em> 2015 - SDC Publications

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The Autodesk Dital Ss Documents are desned to help educators and educational institutions teach Autodesk software ss.These Dital S documents serve to standardize the core competencies for fundamental-level instruction with the associated Autodesk software for a two semester class and provide a content framework and reference guide for the Autodesk Certified User exams.

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Created using valuable input from respected educators and desners, it sets forth important s standards for developing a hh-quality user certification exam and curriculum resources, including the exam objectives.

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