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SUBCOMPACT AND COMPACT CARS MID-SIZE SEDANS SUVS PICKUPS SPORTS CARS SPORTS SEDANS SUBCOMPACT AND COMPACT CARS Even in the early 2000s, you could save a few bucks buying the cheapest car with a manual, but those days are gone.

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In one case, choosing a manual transmission — and selecting the hher trim that’s required to get it — will cost you more than $8,000 over the base car.

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We’ve got data on every car, truck, and SUV available in 20 with a manual transmission, including the cost or fuel mileage penalty or reward for choosing it, and trim levels that allow a manual transmission. Since 2012, only about 4% of the cars sold in the United States have manual transmissions, and those numbers are dropping.A few surprising facts: Along with the listing, we’ve provided information on each car that shows if there’s a cost penalty or reward for choosing the manual, and we’ll also mention whether there’s a fuel economy difference from the automatic.

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Broad segments of the car market don’t even offer a manual, and on some that do, the process to order one requires either buying a bottom-feeder, or paying more than you would for an automatic.

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